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I have a module that conflicts with a built-in module. For example, a module defined in myapp/

I can reference anywhere in my code without issue. However, I need to reference the built-in email module from my email module.

# myapp/
from email import message_from_string

It only finds itself, and therefore raises an ImportError, since doesn't have a message_from_string method. import email causes the same issue when I try email.message_from_string.

Is there any native support to do this in Python, or am I stuck with renaming my "email" module to something more specific?

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You will want to read about Absolute and Relative Imports which addresses this very problem. Use:

from __future__ import absolute_import

Using that, any unadorned package name will always refer to the top level package. You will then need to use relative imports (from .email import ...) to access your own package.

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