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I want to make a landing page similar to a Prezi presentation, with automatic zoom tilt and pan features. Could you point me to something thing similar so that I can work on it?

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There is also Strut which is a GUI for authoring impress.js presentations. Here is a demo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA5s8wwme44

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If you really want to get jiggy with the zoom, you should be peeping: http://jaukia.github.io/zoomooz/ That is wayyy more fun than impress.js for reppin' the Prezi

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I know that's a bit too late for a timely answer, but you can try Impress.js.

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There is now Webpgr. It's an Photoshop-like online editor for exactly creating zooming panning and tilting landing pages.

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There is a tool called impress.js (http://bartaz.github.io/impress.js/#/bored) that is very cool to achieve what you want.

Check up the page, you'll see that is a demo itself (and don't forget to see the source, documentation is there).

Hope this might help you, anything please let me know.

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