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i am working on a project which is in short a distributed database project.


module 1:

1) Read and update an excel sheet using an excel sheet which already contains some data.

status: implemented.

Brief details: i have used the POI from jakarta foundations as an API to interact with the excel sheets using JSP.

module 2:

status: Help Needed.

Brief details:

1)this jsp page and the excel file is to be placed at various end users who can update their respective excel files. Now, on a time bound basis without them needing to upload this file to a server (intentionally) this file has to synchronize itself with the current corresponding entries present on the server .

2)Server has to work with following functions:

a. Synchronization of previous data present on that server and the respective data ( present in the uploaded sheet) currently send.

b. need to maintain checkpoints(in case of failures) and ensuring all the ACID properties of the database .

Please please please!!!
Help me Out regarding the technologies( and other api's if any) to properly implement the distributed nature of this database application.Thanks for your time.


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can someone please help me out on this!! reaching the deadline!! – cracknut Sep 13 '12 at 2:40

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