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I have a text file which has been made from a excel file, in the excel file cell A2 has the name 'Supplier A'. When I import the text file and i use the following code:

filea = open ( "jag.txt").readlines()
lines =[x.split() for x in filea]
print lines [0][1]

It returns just 'supplier' and not Supplier A, the A is located in lines [0][2]. How dow I import it and have it recognise the complete word. Because if a copy the text field back into excel it does copy it properly so the txt file definitley recognises them as being together.

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could you show a small portion of the text file as i think that would help answer this. – olly_uk Sep 3 '12 at 12:43
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Excel regulary is using the 'tab' as separtor sign for saving in 'txt' format.

So you should try something like this:

lines = []
with open('jag.txt') as f:
    lines = [ line.split('\t') for line in ]

and should get something like this

[ ['A1', 'A2', ...], ['B1', 'B2'], ... ]

Why not only "f.readlines()"? Because using this, your last cell will also contain the carriage return sign ('\n').

Why using the with statement? With will close the file finally, and this is a good election in any case.

An alternative way to parse your text file could be the python (included) csv module. Using the csv.reader can be a very convenient way to parse character separated files/structures:

with open('jag.txt') as f: 
    lines = [ line for line in csv.reader(f, delimiter='\t') ]


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It does so because str.split() splits between every whitespace, tab and line break. You can use str.split(',') as an alternative, but in fact you really want to use the csv-module for tasks like this.

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+1 for recommending csv module – olly_uk Sep 3 '12 at 12:46

What character (space, tab, comma etc) are the values seperated on each line? Your current code will split the text at whitespace, by using split() without a split character.

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