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I'm attaching a event receiver to a single list (Web scope). But the ER runs for all lists in the Web. This question says that the feature, the ER is deployed in, have to be Web scope. This is the case.

The Feature is activated programmatically bound to an ER of a list in the TLS.

newProjectWeb.Features.Add(new Guid("57e21870-6285-4e0a-b9a0-067f774492ae"));

Please see my code below. Am I missing an Update or anything?

Thanks for your help in advance.

public void AddEventReceiverToMemberList()
            _clsLists.AddEventReceiverToList(Web, ProjectMemberList.LIST_INTERNAL_NAME, typeof(SCMUProjectMemberList), SPEventReceiverType.ItemAdded);
            _clsLists.AddEventReceiverToList(Web, ProjectMemberList.LIST_INTERNAL_NAME, typeof(SCMUProjectMemberList), SPEventReceiverType.ItemDeleting);
            _clsLists.AddEventReceiverToList(Web, ProjectMemberList.LIST_INTERNAL_NAME, typeof(SCMUProjectMemberList), SPEventReceiverType.ItemUpdated);

        catch (Exception)

public void AddEventReceiverToList(SPWeb web, string listName, Type eventReceiverClass, SPEventReceiverType eventType)
        SPList list = this.GetListByName(web, listName);            

        string className = eventReceiverClass.FullName;
        string assemblyName = Assembly.GetAssembly(eventReceiverClass).FullName;

        list.EventReceivers.Add(eventType, assemblyName, className);
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If you want to run the event receiver for a single list..

Refer Here

Check the end of the post, Changing the attribute to "ListTemplateId" to "ListURL" in Elements.xml

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In the Elements.xml file replace:

<Receivers ListTemplateId="100"> by

<Receivers ListUrl="Lists/Your List Name">

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