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I have a code which finds the size of input using the following way:

template <typename T>
void func (T& input) {
    const void *valuePtr;
    size_t valueSize;
    tie(valuePtr, valueSize)
            = detail::ParamInfo<typename remove_const<T>::type>::get(input);

If input is an array I need to get its actual size not the pointer size. Thus if I have

size_t data[3];

and I call func with data param, I indeed get valueSize = 12 But if I don`t know the size of array I encounter a problem,for example: If I have

vector<size_t> data;
data = getData(); //as a result data is a vector of 2 elements
size_t *dataArr = &data[0];

if I call func with dataArr param, I get 4,instead of 8.

How can I solve this - I can't know/predict the size of parameter returned from getData()

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Short answer: you can't. Given just a pointer, there is no portable way to know if it points to a single object or an array of objects. The vector data knows its size but not the pointer dataArr. – Blastfurnace Sep 3 '12 at 15:46

You could not obtain size of dynamic array in compile time. You need to do it in runtime passing vector size as function parameter, make overload for it:

template <typename T> void func(T& input, size_t i_size);

Or better make overload for std::vector:

template <typename T> void func(std::vector<T>& input);
// Use input.size() to get array size
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