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In crontab, I can use an asterisk to mean every value, or "*/2" to mean every even value.

Is there a way to specify every odd value? (Would something like "1+*/2" work?)

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Depending on your version of cron, you should be able to do (for hours, say):


Going by the EXTENSIONS section in the crontab(5) manpage:

   Ranges can include "steps", so "1-9/2" is the same as "1,3,5,7,9".

For a more portable solution, I suspect you just have to use the simple list:


But it might be easier to wrap your command in a shell script that will immediately exit if it's not called in an odd minute.

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Every odd minute would be:
1-59/2 * * * *

Every even minute would be:
0-58/2 * * * *

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From your question, I'm assuming Vixie Cron. I doubt this will work with any other cron.

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As I read the manual "1-23/2" (for hours) would do the trick.

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Works on Cronie Even with 5 minutes interval e.g.

3-58/5 * * * * /home/test/bin/do_some_thing_every_five_minute
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