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Hello I have a problem with my SVN (using VisualSVN) synchronization, the log file output an error while committing the synchronization:

    ERROR - CarbonDeploymentSchedulerTask Deployment synch
    ronization commit for tenant -1234 failed
    java.lang.RuntimeException: org.wso2.carbon.deployment.synchronizer.DeploymentSy
    nchronizerException: Error while committing artifacts to the SVN repository
            at org.wso2.carbon.deployment.synchronizer.internal.DeploymentSynchroniz

Caused by: org.wso2.carbon.deployment.synchronizer.DeploymentSynchronizerExcepti
on: Error while committing artifacts to the SVN repository
Caused by: org.tigris.subversion.svnclientadapter.SVNClientException: org.tigris
Cannot run program "svn": CreateProcess error=206, The filename or extension is
too long
Caused by: org.tigris.subversion.svnclientadapter.commandline.CmdLineException: Cannot run program "svn": CreateProcess error=206, The file
name or extension is too long...

Would could it be? Do I need any addittional library in my \repository\components\lib?

many thanks

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  • change the configuration of "SvnUrlAppendTenantId" to true:

  • put svn repositories is CARBON_HOME/conf/components/lib errors now, but they don't share configuration... I am confused

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