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We use Outlook interop method MailItem.PrintOut() to print a mail message from Outlook. It is always printed with name "Microsoft Outlook - Memo Style".

"Memo Style" here is a print style which Outlook automatically picks for printing. Is there any way to give a document any custom name so we can track it in printer queue?

It can either be creating a new print style with custom name or explicitly specifying a custom document name.

Basically, we just need emails printed from Outlook to appear in printer queue with unique names. Please advise.

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I hate that I don't have a virtual print server here at the house to check my hypothesis with, but doesn't emails list in the print queue as their respective Subject lines?

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No, all of them appear in printer queue as "Microsoft Outlook - Memo Style" – keaukraine Sep 11 '12 at 7:06

Well, PrintSystemObject.Name is not settable outside the assembly, and unfortunately, I believe this is what you see when you view the windows print queue. However, PrintSystemJobInfo.JobName does appear to be settable programmatically and may help you get what you need.

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But I'm calling void Outlook interop method to print document. It doesn't return any information about printed document, only prints it with constant name. How can I determine which one of documents in print queue is mine? – keaukraine Sep 12 '12 at 13:09
Well, if all you want to know is what print job is yours, you can look at the owner of the print job. It'll have your network login name. – Ultratrunks Sep 13 '12 at 7:50

The way to go to solve this is to look at your Printer's properties. I use Peernet's TIFF10 Printer and when I right-click the Printer Icon under Devices and Printers and click 'Printer Preferences', it gives me the option to choose filenames under the 'Save' tab. Check your printer's properties. It might have something

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You can do this by....

Mailitem.SaveAs(FilePathName) 'FILE NAME = NEW NAME


Then you can simply delete the file you just created, or delete them all at once when you are done in a temp directory.

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