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I am using JQuery HandsonTable. It uses twitter bootstrap typeahead 2.0 which supports data-source as an array for auto-complete,

["BMW", "Chrysler", "Nissan", "Suzuki"]

My requirement is to pass it a hash instead of array.

[{value:1, name:"BMW"}, {value:2, name:"Chrysler"}, {value:3, name:"Nissan"}, {value:4, name:"Suzuki"}].

There is a newer version available for typeahead but I could'nt get it working with Handsontable.

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I am working on updating to recent Typeahead code. Meanwhile, the only suggestion I can make is to transform the object to the array where you integrate Handsontable with your code. Can you do that? –  warpech Sep 9 '12 at 16:05
I need auto-complete data array on run time via an ajax call. on what event should i call ajax to get data for an autocomplete? source is called multiple times(like on click, dblclick). so i cant use ajax inside autocomplete source. –  Dipendra Singh Sep 12 '12 at 20:04

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Handsontable (version 0.7.0-beta, master branch) is now using unmodified Bootstrap Typeahead 2.1.1.

Does it work for you now?

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unfortunately the new HandsonTable 0.7.5 (with Bootstrap Typeahead 2.1.1.) still can't pass a complex object/hash.

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