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im trying to delete Facebook OG Like.

First of all, i've created OG action:

POST /me/[app-namespace]:begin 
day = [day-page-url]

Then i've created like for it from another user:

POST /me/og.likes
object = [day-page-url]

Finally lets try to delete like from same user that created it (id was returned in previous action):

DELETE 104127963073059

Debug says that this is defenetely like ID.

But result is:

(#10) Application does not have permission for this action

We use permissions:


You can check this via debugger tool:

App ID: 395096416536617 : ODM TEST
User ID:    100004287038925 : Foo
Issued: Unknown
Expires:    1346684400 (in about an hour)
Valid:  True
Origin: Unknown
Scopes: create_note email photo_upload publish_actions publish_stream share_item status_update user_birthday user_location video_upload

Check this once more with cURL:

Andrew-MacBook-Pro:onedayofmine macuser$ curl -X DELETE \
> -F 'access_token=AAAFnVo0zuqkBA...0gSDLRbj' \
> https://graph.facebook.com/104156136403575
{"error":{"message":"(#10) Application does not have permission for this action","type":"OAuthException","code":10}}

Maybe i need some additional permissions?

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Just tried your steps with my test app and it deleted the action app_namespace:begin just fine. Are you sure you are using the id of the begin action and not the id of the object day? I am using perms publish_actions,read_stream – Donn Lee Sep 4 '12 at 18:53
Check again that you are trying to delete action begin (of user1) and not like (of user2). – Donn Lee Sep 4 '12 at 19:01
Im trying to delete like, not begin action. For example when user unlikes post. – Andrew Dryga Sep 4 '12 at 22:06
I was able to delete the like action too. Here's the like action created by my user2: {"data":[{"id":"3639745067497","from":{"name":"John Smith","id":"10XXX648"},...,"application":{"name":"Article Liker","namespace":"article_liker","id":"364XX311647"},"data":{"object":{"id":"3‌​43299145761433","url":"http:\/\/example.com\/js_like_show_authtoken.php","type":"‌​article_liker:review","title":"Article Two"}},"type":"og.likes", ... And here I deleted it: curl -X DELETE -F 'access_token=AAAFLVZAuGuN...TZAWlqaIZAx' graph.facebook.com/3639745067497 true – Donn Lee Sep 6 '12 at 1:47

Moved to answer box for readability:

I was able to delete the like action too.

Here's the like action created by my user2:

{"data":[{"id":"3639745067497","from":{"name":"John Smith","id":"10XXX648"},...,"application" {"name":"Article Liker","namespace":"article_liker","id":"364XX311647"},"data":{"object":{"id":"343299145761433","url":"http:\/\/example.com\/js_like_show_authtoken.php","type":"article_liker:review","title":"Article Two"}},"type":"og.likes", ...  

And here I deleted it:

curl -X DELETE -F 'access_token=AAAFLVZAuGuN...TZAWlqaIZAx' https://graph.facebook.com/3639745067497

Where, true = success

Access token perms:

Scopes: publish_actions read_stream
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It seems to be bug, i've found few of them in FB bugtracker... Test users just dont work, sometimes. – Andrew Dryga Oct 2 '12 at 13:26

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