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it's Jquery Mobile I want to grab an image src from rss discription tag, I want to grab a SRC of image to a variable, I tried many ways but it didn't work for me, that's my code: I want to add the variable that contains the SRC in this img tag SRC:

    '<li id="list' + i + '"><img src="**#img**" class="ui-li-thumb"><a href="#article' + i + '" id="link' + i + '">&nbsp;</a></li>'

The black text is the variable. and I tried to grab the img src from a text that starts with img tag and so on:

$('#link' + i).text(entry.title);
$('#img' + i).text(entry.content);

The image I want to grab is inside: text(entry.content)

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Get src attribute value:

var variable = $('#img' + i).attr('src');

Set src attribute value:

$('#img' + i).attr('src', "");

Where '#img' + i is a tag with id img1, img2 etc... For instance:

<img id="img0" />

text - this is jquery function which will use .innerText/.innerContent inside of it. And image with inner text - there is nothing like that. .getElementById - that is javascript object window function to get an element by id. It has nothing common with jQuery object returned by most of jQuery functions (.text is one of them)

jQuery API - this is what you MUST read to get an info about what you can do with DOM using jQuery.

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Sorry for posting a similar answer. I was already writing my answer and I didn't realize that you had posted an answer. +1 from me – Tolis Emmanouilidis Sep 3 '12 at 13:38
Where can I add "text(entry.content)" to grab the image from, In your code? – user2682025 Sep 3 '12 at 13:41
Any tag which can contain some other tags inside. According to your code (which is something I do not really understand) it may be something like $('#link' + i).html(entry.content).find("img").attr("src") You can't use text in this case as all HTML tags will be shown as a simple text, without producing DOM objects. But .html will replace everything inside #link, so maybe you will find more useful .append function – FAngel Sep 3 '12 at 14:05

You could try the following:

<img id="first-image" src="smiley.gif" alt="Smiley face" height="42" width="42" />

Get the src using:

var currentSrc = $("#first-image").attr("src");

Modify the src using:

$("#first-image").attr("src", "smiley_2.gif");
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