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I'm trying to get a value from an array into a s:textbox element: it works if I take a hard coded index like:

<s:textarea  value="%{languageHelper.myHauptuebbeschr[0]}" />

but when I try to use a dynamic index it doesn'T work:

<s:textarea  value="%{languageHelper.myHauptuebbeschr[attr.number]}" />

Number is not empty, I can get the value via

<s:property value="%{#attr.number}" />

So how can I use the number variable as index for my array?

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shouldn't it be:

<s:textarea  value="%{languageHelper.myHauptuebbeschr[#attr.number]}" />
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Doesn't work for me neither :( –  Zteve Sep 4 '12 at 6:18
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I found a solution:

I first save the value in an addtional variable:

<c:set var="myHauptuebbeschr" value="${languageHelper.myHauptuebbeschr[number]}" ></c:set>

and then get it via:

<s:textarea  value="%{#attr.myHauptuebbeschr}"  />
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