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I would like to know how to get the values into this array. Can someone please help?

Each box whether it is the in or outbox should only be listed once and then have multiple ids associated with them. I need to be able to tell which id came from what box. The ids that are in the array are only samples.

$arr = 
       'Inbox'=> array('id' => array(8, 9, 15)),
       'Outbox'=> array('id' => array(8, 9, 15))


$inbox = $db->Query("SELECT * FROM mail_inbox");
$outbox = $db->Query("SELECT * FROM mail_outbox");

foreach($inbox as $key => $array)
  $output['Inbox']]['id'][] = $array['msg_seq'];
foreach($outbox as $key => $array)
  $output['Outbox']]['id'][] = $array['msg_seq'];


This will give me the db fields from the inbox but I have no idea how to get the outbox in there as well. I also get undefined index for ['Box']

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Now that I know what you are saying, to input stuff, do something like this to input it into the array:

$ID = 9;
$box = "Inbox";
$arr[$box]['id'][] = $ID;


$IDs = array(9,5,13);
$box = "Inbox";

$array = array($box => $IDs);

or if you were getting it from a Database

$dbarray[0] = array('ID' => 9,
    			 'Box' => 'Outbox');

foreach($dbarray as $key => $array)
    $output[$array['Box']]['ids'][] = $array['ID'];

Multi deminsional arrays

The key or index is the first bracket


is the same as

$array = array('key' => 'foo');

if there is a second bracket, it of the array inside the value part of an array. IE

$array['key']['key2'] = "bar";

is the same as

$array = array('key' => array('key2' => 'bar'));

Basically, multideminsional arrays are just arrays inside of arrays.

foreach($arr as $box => $array)
   echo $box;
   // $box = The Box
    foreach($array['ids'] as $ID)
      echo $ID . ",";
      // $ID = The ID 
   echo "<br>";


Outbox 9,13,15,
Inbox 9,13,15,

This goes through each box, echos the box name, and each ID inside of the box, and echos the ID.

To access only one box

foreach($arr['Inbox'] as $ID)
    echo $ID . ",";

Sample Output:

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Thanks Chacha. I believe this is what I'm looking for. :) –  Jim Aug 3 '09 at 22:28
K, I updated it with how to input it aswell. –  Tyler Carter Aug 3 '09 at 22:28
Chacka, are you still here? I'd like to ask you another question. –  Jim Aug 3 '09 at 22:45
Yes, I am still here. –  Tyler Carter Aug 3 '09 at 22:50
Great. Thanks.. My question is: I see that you built the exact same array structure that I built but you used a shorter way of doing it. Just to satisfy my curiosity, would it be possibe to use the array structure I posted and still populate it that way? I hope I'm making sense here. –  Jim Aug 3 '09 at 22:52

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