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How to integrate HUBSpot With Dynamic Microsoft CRM? Is there an API I must use, and how should I use it if that possible?

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HubSpot has a RESTful json API which you can learn about here: http://developers.hubspot.com/docs/endpoints.

Our company built the first HubSpot integration with Dynamics, and we've worked with hundreds of HubSpot customers with their CRM integrations. We are releasing a new version based on HubSpot3 (the Contacts API).

Rather than invest the time and resources building a custom integration yourself, you may consider subscribing to an annual licensing fee for our plug-and-play cloud-based integration service. It's built on enterprise integration software, and we give IT/developers access to tweak and customize their integration workflow. (Plus the ability to build additional integrations on the software.)

Let me know if you have any other questions about HubSpot API development. If you're interested in our packaged integration, go to http://www.lyntonweb.com/integrate.

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