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I need to plot a ring chart (like gnome baobab).

Currently I'm doing it more or less like this:

patches = [
    Wedge((0.5,0.2), .4,  0, 45,  width=0.10, color='r'),
    Wedge((0.5,0.2), .3, 30, 120, width=0.10, color='g'),
    Wedge((0.5,0.2), .2, 60, 180, width=0.10, color='b'),

for p in patches:

You can see this way I can specify each ring section color. Now I need to set a label for each ring section; I guess I can just annotate the axe at (x,y) wedge position.

How can I get each wedge center position? Is there a better way?

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You know the wedge center, the radius and the wedge angles. You can use these to calculate the center of the wedge –  Dhara Sep 3 '12 at 14:02
theta = pi*(wedge_theta1 + wedge_theta2)/180 x = wedge_x + (wedge_radius - wedge_width/2)*cos(theta/2.) y = wedge_y + (wedge_radius - wedge_width/2)*sin(theta/2.) –  Dhara Sep 3 '12 at 14:14

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