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I have UITableViewController. UITableViewController contains 3 UITableView's. All tables is static and style is grouped. As you can see, I have very hard architecture for use NSFetchResultsController, because all this tables always in edit mode and have custom controls, and each UITableViewCell contains UITextField (certains with icons & validation highlights). I need read all data from table, but I have one hard problem. If I use cellForRowAtIndexPath for any instance of my table, I get nil if cell is invisible. As written in the apple docs, this method return object for only visible cells.

If I cannot get cell, then I cannot get UITextField with user edit text. And I cannot highlight UITextField in my cell, cannot read user input text and other important data.

As result of this I make for every field NSMutableArray and I catch user inputs in method of delegate UITextFieldDelegate::shouldChangeCharactersInRange and I manage my array in this method. It's very hard and wrong method for store datasource. I wrote new class named myTableDatasource for manage all data in 3 tables. But, This is Not True. Do you agree?

Can you help me find a better solution? Thanks.

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I think your idea of using the array is a good one. It is much better than depending on view objects as data storage locations. –  Phillip Mills Sep 3 '12 at 13:56
Thank you Phillip, I appreciate your support. –  Ilya Ilin Sep 3 '12 at 14:00

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