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I use django-filebrowser and django-storages (w/ s3boto) to add file embed into my tinyMCE implementations for my django projects.

Recently I noticed that there is a bug, django-fileborwser does not save thumbnailed versions of uploaded files properly when using an S3 as a backend.

I stepped through the version creation function (in django-filebrowser), and found what I think to be the bug.

fp is at EOF. Use rewind option or seek() to data start.

which occurs because

# Rewing the file pointer back to 0, before saving to the storage object

isn't called before

# Existing Code, tmpfile)

I reported the bug through the issue tracker with my suggested fix. Then the repo's author threw me for a loop and asked:

@fyaconiello shouldn´t that snippet be part of the s3-storage engine (with django-storages) instaed of adding it to the filebrowser?

  1. I guess the file rewind could be done in either library. But which library does it belong in?
    • Should django-storages make sure all tmpfile pointers are rewound?
    • is it django-filebrowser's job as it is the implimentor?

See my full issue here

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They provide a solution here:

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that thread solves a different problem. at the very end of the thread you'll notice it links to another issue - mine. – Francis Yaconiello Jan 8 '13 at 13:16

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