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I installed the latest release of MinGW/MSYS, and I like to use rxvt terminal over the boring windows command prompt. But this new build spaces the letters too much: most fonts I have tried are messed up - even Courier New (ttf), Consolas (ttf), or PC6X13 (fon).

I'm stuck with plain OLD Courier because at least it's readable. Any solutions out there? EASY solutions preferred, I don't feel like patching source code and re-compiling rxvt!

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Did you try Lucida Console? –  Sam Harwell Aug 3 '09 at 22:37
Good idea, it's not spaced out, but vertical lines appear between each letter as you type :( –  ropata Aug 3 '09 at 22:50
EUREKA! Monaco.TTF is the solution. It seems that rxvt detected some wide glyphs in the other font files and spaced everything accordingly. But Monaco seems better behaved. –  ropata Aug 10 '09 at 4:53
Well now I've decided that MinGW/MSYS doesn't cut the mustard and I'm using CygWin + PuTTYcyg. Forget about clunky old rxvt!! –  ropata Oct 23 '09 at 1:51

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For rxvt, I found Courier New works (alas, no Consolas). There's also Console 2: http://sourceforge.net/projects/console/ which works pretty well with bash (MSys) and CMD shells.

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Thanks, I found Inconsolata to be OK on RXVT :) –  ropata Jun 24 '11 at 4:17

I like mintty. The only problem I've had with it so far is that if I use the Windows python rather than the cygwin version, the output is line buffered, but this is a small issue. Other than that, it seems to provide many of the comforts of a modern terminal, with no hassle at all.

However, I have no idea if it works with MinGW/MSYS (which I only realised you were asking about on re-reading your question!).

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There's actually a very simple workaround for that problem with Win32 Python: invoke it with option -i. This explicitly tells it to run in interactive mode. The reason it doesn't work otherwise is that it checks whether stdin is a console. With mintty and other pty-based terminals the answer is no, because Cygwin uses pipes to emulate ptys, so Python enters non-interactive mode. (from code.google.com/p/mintty/issues/detail?id=56 ) –  ropata Aug 25 '09 at 21:06

UPDATED New improved solution :

  1. Download & install Monaco.TTF ~ freely available with judicious Google power
  2. Adjust msys.bat thusly:

    start %WD%rxvt -backspacekey^H -sl 2500 -fg White -bg Black -sr -fn Monaco-18 -tn msys -geometry 120x37 -e /bin/sh --login -i

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I find that the "Dina" font seems to work pretty well, too. Most of my other favorite monospaced fonts do not space correctly on MSYS RXVT (with one of several symptoms - either too far apart, too close (cutting off parts of letters), or with bars between chars).

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