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I have an old and new version of a website. The new version is .php. and the previous was based on wordpress. Currently it redirects to the new php page when the old domain is typed in. However, there a certain pages on the old site which are still required for the new site which do not load up. Specifically, these are eCommerce /payment pages.

The issue arises when a "buy" button is pressed on a products page on the new site and rather than linking to the old ecommerce/payment page, it redirects to the new homepage. To make matters worse, the wordpress panel login used for the old site doesn't load up so I'm concerned as to whether or not it is still there - considering how painstaking and expensive this was for me to have developed.

All in all could someone shed light please on:

  • what the could be causing the issues of accessing the ecommerce pages and the old site wordpress login page coming up?
  • how to redirect from the new site back to the old eCommerce pages if it's still possible?

Many thanks in advance for any solutions provided.

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