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Please give me a very simple example of creating a function and calling it in x86 Assembly (AT&T syntax). Actaully I am trying to create a function that computes factorial of a number. This is what all I did :

# Calculates Factorial, Argument is passed through stack
.global _start
    pushl $5       #factorial of this value will be calculated
    call Fact
    movl %eax, %ebx #eax contains the result, Result is the return val of the program
    movl $1, %eax
    int $0x80
    popl %ebx     #Return address
    popl %edx
    movl $1, %ecx #Will be used as a counter
    movl $1, %eax #Result(Partial & complete) will be stored here
        mul %ecx
        inc %ecx
        cmp %ecx, %edx
        jle LOOP
    pushl %ebx    #Restore the return address

I am getting Segmentation Fault error, again and again. I am using GAS on Ubuntu.

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Your code shouldn't crash. Make sure you assemble and link as 32 bits:

as --32 -o x.o x.s
ld -melf_i386 -o x x.o

The code is incorrect however. In particular:

  • 'mul %ecx' alters %edx
  • the arguments to 'cmp' must be reversed

Here is a corrected version:

        .global _start
        pushl $5
        call fact
        addl $4, %esp

        movl %eax, %ebx
        movl $1, %eax        # sys_exit
        int $0x80

        movl 4(%esp), %ecx
        movl $1, %eax
        mul %ecx
        loop LOOP
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