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I am trying to follow this tutorial because I like the effect so much.

CSS Text Glow on Hover with Transition Effects

But the problem is, I set the background color to white.

background: #FFFFFF;
color: #fff;
transition: text-shadow 3s;
-moz-transition: text-shadow 3s; /* Firefox 4 */
-webkit-transition: text-shadow 3s; /* Safari and Chrome */
-o-transition: text-shadow 3s; /* Opera */

text-shadow: 0 0 10px #fff;

<div class="text-glow-hover-with-delay">
Put your mouse over me and I will glow slowly.

and now it doesn't glow anymore. I'm noob on CSS here. :(

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May be you are not able to see the shadow cause its white. But, its working fine and smoothly. Just reduce the time, 3 seconds are too much.

Here is the working DEMO

OR, if you just want a white shadow See Here

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어.. you're right! Ahh.. I failed to comprehend. Thank you. It's working good now. –  ParkDongJu Sep 3 '12 at 15:49

I removed the transition CSS as it seemed to be messing it up and I changed the color tpo black:


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For css transitions you must go from point A to point B.

This means that point A should have a default text-shadow on your default class.

      text-shadow:0 0 0 #fff;/*This is the missing piece*/


With the above missing piece, point B will know where to transition from.

also let me know if the above doesn't work. You may also want to try the transition as

 transition:all 300ms ease;/*just in case each browser wants to capture its browser specific text shadow property*/
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