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I am developing a network statistic program in C++ for Linux.

I would like to access some statistical information about the current network connection.


  • packet loss,
  • bytes transferred (upload and download),
  • current network load (upload and download),

Any idea how to access this kind of information?

so, i have been trying to accomplish my objective using de /proc, we can find alot of information, but there is some missing information i need. I am thinking in developing a simple C++ promiscuous application, using LibPcap, that captures the network traffic i need and starts taking the metrics i want.

The Con is that i think this is going to be CPU intensive, at least more then needed ... Any thoughts about this ?

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Do keep in mind that systems don't usually have a single "current" network connection. You'll also have to come up with some definition of "current network connection" so you know what interface you actually want to look at –  Christian Stieber Sep 3 '12 at 15:03

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A lot of information is available from the "files" in /proc/net.

/proc/net/netstat would be a good place to start.

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All this information are spread into /proc/net files (updated by kernel). The most important file is /proc/net/netstat. Into to /proc/net/dev there are device statistics. You could open and parse.

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AFAIK, it is possible to retrieve statistics information programmatically through the rtnetlink interface. See e.g. this mail for examples

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