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I was running Test::Unit with Guard and am trying to switch over to RSpec.

I'm running Mac OSX and can't seem to get rb-fsevent working. When I start Guard I get a message "[Listen warning]: Listen will be polling changes. Learn more at"

I have tried various approaches:

  • "gem install rb-fsevent" (as per railscast 275)
  • Adding rb-fsevent to my Gemfile (see below)
  • Specifying a rb-fsevent version (e.g. 0.9.1)
  • Re-starting Guard, Rails & the whole system

Gemfile (as recommended in Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails Tutorial):

    group :development, :test do
      gem "rspec-rails"
      gem "guard-rspec"

    group :test do
      gem 'rb-fsevent'


I also tried including rb-fsevent to the development group (recommended in Railscast 264):

    group :development, :test do
      gem "rspec-rails"
      gem "guard-rspec"
      gem 'rb-fsevent'

However I got the same error. One clue may be that if I run guard without bundle exec then I get "Guard here! It looks like your project has a Gemfile, yet you are running guard outside of Bundler." bundle exec doesn't seem to be necessary in the tutorials.

Any ideas on what might be going wrong, or how I could get more information on the problem?

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I've the same problem starting with Listen 0.5.0 and an issue has already been reported. Until it's resolved, you can simply use the previous version of Listen by adding:

gem 'listen', '0.4.7'

to your Gemfile and run bundle update.

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Bingo! Much appreciated! – Derek Hill Sep 4 '12 at 15:17

move gem 'rb-fsevent' inside group :development, :test block

(because guard is running in development env)

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Thanks sumskyi. I also tried this but got the same error message. I updated the question to reflect this. – Derek Hill Sep 3 '12 at 21:05

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