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there are many examples out there of how to loop through Select Options, e.g.

JQuery - Iterate through SELECT options

but my problem is that I have to loop through an HTML string e.g. :

 var s = "<option value="0">OptA</option><option value="1">OptB</option><option value="2">OptC</option>"

How can I loop through each item please? the idea is that I have a string obtained from a dropdownlist.innerHTML, and an ID to find between all the options in the innerHTML:

  $(strHTML).each(function () {
    var iTempValue = 
    var OptionText = 
    if  (iTempValue == iValueToFind){
      alert(OptionText );
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This seems to give the result you want, you were very close. Just needed the $(this).val() really:

function GetValueFromHTML(valueToFind ,html){
    $(html).each(function () {
        var val = $(this).val();
        if  (val == valueToFind){

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This would work:

function GetValueFromHTML(valueToFind ,html){
    alert ($('<select>' + html + '</select').find('[value=' + valueToFind + ']').text());
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var s = "<option value="0">OptA</option><option value="1">OptB</option><option value="2">OptC</option>";
var selectElement = document.createElement('select');
selectElement.innerHTML = s;

From here on, you can use the examples you have seen that allow you to loop through the options in a select list.

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