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                        <AxisAngleRotation3D x:Name="Win1Angle" Angle="0" Axis="0, 1, 0" />
                <ScaleTransform3D x:Name="ScaleUp" />
                <ScaleTransform3D x:Name="ScaleDown" />

                <TranslateTransform3D x:Name="MoveCenter1" />


        <!-- The Geometry, Material, and Visual for the Viewport2DVisual3D -->
            <!-- positions of triangle    0          1           2           3      -->

            <MeshGeometry3D Positions="-.78,.58,0  -.78,-.58,0    .78,-.58,0    .78,.58,0"                                
                                    TextureCoordinates="0,0 0,1 1,1 1,0" 
                                    TriangleIndices="0 1 2 0 2 3" />


            <DiffuseMaterial  Viewport2DVisual3D.IsVisualHostMaterial="True" Brush="White"/>

        <Grid x:Name="grdHolder1" VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Center" ClipToBounds="False" Opacity="1" />


I am using 3d in my WPF form. My forms are usercontrols. At runtime, I just create instance of the usercontrol and add to the grdHolder1 in the viewport. But the combobox items are not proportional to the combobox. How to make it proportional?

Anyone!!!! ?

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The problem you face is that the combobox uses a Popup which is basically another window.

A Popup displays its content in its own window on the screen.

I believe that are going to need to apply your transformations to the controls inside the popup window as well as the main combo box.

If you take a look at the Combo box style page on MSDN then it is supposed to have a PART_Popup that you can restyle. However the x:Name definition seems to missing on the popup defintion on that page, so I'd check the style by editing a copy on Expression Blend to make sure it matches.

Extract from Combo box style page on MSDN ... ...

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