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I hope someone has the patience to look at this.....

I have a flash form and need to set a tabbing order for the four textinput boxes in the form.

The four boxes are named:


Each box is an instance of a generic textinput box component

At the moment when a use is focussed on name_txt and hits tab the focus jumps to email_txt

hit tab again and focus disappears altogether.

Focus on surname_txt then hit tab and focus jumps to phone_txt - tab again focus disappears.

The textinput fields are nest within a movie clip which in turn is nested in a movie clip which on the main stage.

any clues as to how to how to set the tabbing order would be greatly appreciated

A million thanks in advance!

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You need to set the tabIndex property of your textfields secuentially... I suggest you read the documentation as it is quite unique in AS3:


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thanks very much for the link! –  user150037 Aug 4 '09 at 21:33

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