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I need a polygon for every German state. I go all the GeoPoints in one JavaScript-file but the file is because of the amout of points about 4MB. I've been googling and thinking about this problem all day but couldn't figure out a solution...

How can I use Google Maps polygons without forcing the user to download a huge js-file with the coordinates?

Thanks! Ron

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Arrghhh, sorry, I had just been answering another question regarding a circle, so I had posted an answer about creating a circle. Deleted now. :) –  Marcelo Sep 3 '12 at 16:29

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You can encode the polygon points to vastly reduce the size of the javascript file. To do this, you must include the geometry library.



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this thing is great! my JS file shrinked from more than 3MB to about 200k –  Ron Sep 6 '12 at 8:09

One option is to use a FusionTablesLayer to display the polygons. They are available in the Natural Earth data set that is publicly available.


You could do the same with your points and a KmlLayer if you convert your data to KML.

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Well... somehow the points have to get to the user. You could think of the following solutions to reduce the data usage:

  • Use different polygons for different zoom levels. For example zoomed out you won't need the full details.
  • only send parts of your polygon back to the user. You can for example send the viewport coordinates to an AJAX script. This one queries your database and/or shapefile and only returns the polygon parts that are visible in the user's viewport
  • preprocess tiles. If you can generate images from your shape, you can overlay these on Google Maps.
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