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I am writing a multi-threaded networked application, and I'm using a separate thread with a blocking socket to receive data asynchronously from the server.

When I need to shutdown the socket I use a function which checks if the receive thread is still running and if it is calls TerminateThread to end it as follows:

DWORD dwExitCode = 0;
if( GetExitCodeThread( theApp.m_hRecvThread, &dwExitCode ) && dwExitCode == STILL_ACTIVE )
     TerminateThread( theApp.m_hRecvThread, 0 );

However, GetExitCodeThread returns FALSE, and when polling GetLastError() it returns 6 (ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE). Which suggests that I do not have the THREAD_QUERY_INFORMATION or THREAD_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION access rights on the m_hRecvThread handle.

My m_hRecvThread handle is set when creating the thread like so:

m_hRecvThread = AfxBeginThread( RecvThread, hWndMainFrame );

This successfully creates the thread, and the thread is running fine and exhibiting expected functionality. The TerminateThread and GetExitCodeThread are being called from the same thread which created the Receive thread in the first place.

My understanding was that when using AfxBeginThread, the HANDLE returned had THREAD_ALL_ACCESS access rights, is this the case, and if so, why am I still getting ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE?

Thanks in advance!

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I doubt this GetExitCodeThread( theApp.m_hRecvThread ....Is m_hRecvThread some class member or some local variable??? –  perilbrain Sep 3 '12 at 16:14
@Anonymous it's a member variable of my global theApp variable. I have checked it's value in the debugger and it is the same as when the thread was initialized, so this is not an issue. –  Shaktal Sep 3 '12 at 16:15
It is unclear how this code can compile, AfxBeginThread returns a CWinThread*, not a HANDLE. Using TerminateThread is very unwise, short from the very nasty effects on held locks, it also leaks the thread stack. –  Hans Passant Sep 3 '12 at 16:38
@HansPassant I misread the function prototype for AfxBeginThread, for some bizarre reason I thought it returned a CWinThread object rather than a pointer! HANDLE is a typedef of void* which is why the implicit conversion works. Thanks! However, do you have any suggestions of what I should do instead of TerminateThread? –  Shaktal Sep 3 '12 at 16:45
Ask nicely for the thread to stop, use an event. Close the socket if it is buried in a system call. –  Hans Passant Sep 3 '12 at 16:55

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The thread created using:

m_hRecvThread = AfxBeginThread( RecvThread, hWndMainFrame )

will return a pointer to winthread. But GetExitCodeThread() requires the handle to the thread for example, you can pass RecvThread->m_hThread, which will solve the issue

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