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I just finished my application, using Visual Studio 2010. I have 2 folders, one is named debug and the second release. Both folders have a exe file and few odd files. Now I just placed this exe file to my second PC which is running Windows XP and the app is showing an error.

My second PC is running Windows 7 and there is not a problem. I was thinking to run VirtualBox with Windows 7, but my RAM is just 2GB and its hard to do it.

Can I at least be sure that all the Windows 7 PCs can run it? As I said I have made an exe file as release.

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I think its better to create setup project in the same solution and then create a deployment package. It's main advantage is that it will automatically find all the dependencies in your project and by this I think you can overcome this problem

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Worked. After creating the setup project I reallised that windows xp was missing .NET framework 4 :) –  Code Beast Sep 3 '12 at 17:01

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