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All I'm asking is if SMS messages on Windows Phone 7.x are encoded in ASCII or UNICODE format, and in particular, which type.

Practically, I want to convert a string containing greek characters, which the user has typed in a textbox, to a string containing -among other chars- the respective uppercase greek characters, so that the sms will not be limited to have 70 characters only!

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The SmsComposeTask only allows you to set the message in a string. In .NET, String are always encoded in UTF-16, no matter what you do. It will be the SmsComposeTask that will convert the string to another encoding when creating the SMS. So unfortunately there's nothing you can do but letting the system pick the encoding for you.

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I see... But in the market, I have found one app that allows you to send an sms message with uppercase greek characters, instead of the lower-case chars that impose the limit of 70 chars/sms. What could be another way to tackle this issue? –  Icarus Sep 3 '12 at 18:00

SMS encoding is controlled by the cell phone system, and is not a property of the Windows Phone OS. A hidden prefix to the SMS data specifies whether the following data is in ASCII or Unicode. (The GSM version of the SMS encoding specification is here: 3GPP TS 23.038).

It is not possible to switch between encodings on a character by character basis, because the cell phone data encoding standards do not support this.

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