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By default wget -r downloads directories as directoryname.html. I'd like it to download to directoryname/index.html

So instead of:


I'd like:


Is this posible with wget?

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Does the link end with '/'? – onon15 Sep 3 '12 at 17:41
Yep. I get the site downloading correctly just not in the correct file format. – Ben Sep 3 '12 at 17:51
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When I want to mirror a web site I use:

$ wget -m -E -nH -np --cut-dirs=2 http://site/a/b/

This way everything under the directory "b" will be downloaded. If your target directory is at a different level, you need to adjust --cut-dirs accordingly.

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This is useful but I want every directory to be downloaded this way. Perhaps I need a shell script? – Ben Sep 4 '12 at 9:17
What do you mean by you want every directory to be downloaded? The command should recursively download for all directories in and under site/a/b. – Taro Sato Sep 4 '12 at 18:36
It created foldername.html for child subdirectories. I need foldername/index.html for child subdirectories – Ben Sep 5 '12 at 15:40

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