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How can I implement a simple OOP list in java, without using any Java lib?

What are the typical features of Java lists?

What do you think about if someone tells you "list" regarding java? I don't know if it is a linked or whatever list.

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I will ask linked list or array (which is list in python). – NIlesh Sharma Sep 3 '12 at 18:17
That's an odd requirement. Is this for a homework assignment? – phatfingers Sep 3 '12 at 18:35
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You can take a look at the javadocs for java.util.List and see what methods it defines to get an indea. Then, you can think about an implementation of yours.

The above interface has a lot of implementations: ArrayList and LinkedList being just some of the most popular.

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without using any Java lib?

you can create an object

class myList{
  myList nextitem;
  Info moreInfo

myList l = new myList();
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The typical features of a Java list are defined in the standard List interface. If you implement this interface in such a way that the code

List<Foo> bar = new ArrayList<Foo>();
// Other code that calls methods from the List interface, using bar


List<Foo> bar = new YourCustomList<Foo>();
// The same other code

behave the same (and of course the other code exercises the list features you care about), then I'd consider you to have implemented a Java list.

I'd note that you don't have to implement all the methods in java.util.List (the ones you don't implement can throw UnsupportedOperationException), but you should favor implementing all of them unless your list is different from the "standard" list interface that ArrayList presents. For instance, a read-only list should throw UnsupportedOperationException on an attempt to add or remove an element.

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Primary feature is to go give possibility of adding not bounded - by creation parameter - number of the elements, so if don't have any other requirements (access time, etc.) just enhance [] with dynamic re-sizing during add and remove operation.

But.. List is part of the collections so if you want to meet this "requirement" you should implement required functionality.

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There is a List interface in Java. The Java "standard lib" will be available to you in any environment, so you can use it freely. You can use one of the classes that implement List, such as the ArrayList.

List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();
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I know I could use it, but simply I mustn't. – Surfer on the fall Sep 3 '12 at 18:19

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