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In my windows form I have to create a table (at runtime) of specified by the user name (in textbox) and then use this table as datasource of DataGridView. Finally, the filled table must be inserted into the database. I tried to solve this problem in two ways:

  1. I have created a DataTable, specified its columns etc. but I couldn't insert the DataTable into the database, even using SqlDataAdapter.Update() - propably I misused DataAdapter. I'm working with C# for 1 week and I don't fully understand the idea of DataSets, TableAdapters etc. So I decided to use SQL commands.

  2. Using ExecuteNonQuery() I've created table in my database, then I recognized, that I have to use magic SqlDataAdapter and I gave up.

I want to manage the content of DataGridView in the same way, as in the case of DataTable added to DataSet using configuration wizard.

I know, that I can skip DataGridView, create list of textboxes, button expanding this list, and function inserting all fields into my table after confirmation button, but my supervisor expects DataGridView.

I can't paste the code here, because I left only copy of source code on company computer. If it will be necessary I will paste here my code tomorrow.

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1 Answer

try to use the method either RowValidating or CellValidating of DataGridView

  private void dataGridViewEnterTab1_RowValidating(object sender, DataGridViewCellCancelEventArgs e)
        if (dataGridViewEnterTab1.IsCurrentRowDirty) // Trigger when the row is dirty or has changed
            string userName = dataGridViewEnterTab1["UserNameCol", e.RowIndex].EditedFormattedValue.ToString();

            //...Your SqlDataAdapter or codes

I hope it will help this idea. :)

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