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Just started using django-reversion with the Polls application from the django tutorial. To get this working, all I did was to create mysite/polls/admin.py with the following code:

from django.contrib import admin
from polls.models import Poll
import reversion
class PollAdmin(reversion.VersionAdmin):
admin.site.register(Poll, PollAdmin)

In other words, I have done only the Admin Integration. To the Poll model, I added a field called approved.

one_object = Poll.objects.all()[1]
version_list = reversion.get_unique_for_object(one_object)

The version_list above contains all the versions of one_object. I only want to get all the versions that have approved==True. I then want the results to a view so that only the approved polls can be displayed. How can I filter this?

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Each version object has a field_dict attribute containing the values of the object's fields at that version. So you can filter the list as follows:

filtered_versions = [v for v in version_list if v.field_dict["approved"] ==  True]
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