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My model1 hasMany model2, I need to do the condition statement on the model2 so in other words:

 $result = $this->Model1->find("all",array("conditions" => array("Model2"."field" => $outsideValue)));

I am however getting a unknown column Model2.field which looks due to Model1 not including Model2 as a join. How do I do cakePHP joins with a hasMany?

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You have "Model2"."field", when you should have "Model2.field". I don't know if it is a typo in the question, or an error in your code. – Choma Sep 4 '12 at 0:05
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$result= $this->Model1->find('all',array('recursive'=>1,"conditions" => array("Model2"."field" => $outsideValue)));


$result= $this->Model1->find('all',array("contains" => array("Model2"=>array('conditions'=>array("field" => $outsideValue))));

The first one will give you all model 1 elements which are linked to a Model 2 verifying the condition.

The second one will you all Model 1 elements, with only the associated Model2 verifying the condition.

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You can either use ad-hoc joins or the linkable behavior to get the joins.

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Try This:

    'hasMany' => array(
        'Model2' => array('conditions'=>array('Model2.field'=>$outsidevalue))
$data = $this->Model1->find('all');
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