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Some context: I was witness to an interview not so long ago, where the interviewer asked the interviewee what happens when a user presses the Enter button. A long explanation later, the interviewer explained that this action actually fires an interrupt so the CPU can handle the event (the event being the user hit Enter in the address bar).

This got me thinking as to whether or not this would actually result in an interrupt. While such low-level system/OS semantics are not my speciality, I was always under the impression that interrupts were mostly (exclusively?) for hardware devices.

So, when a user presses the Enter button in an address bar, is there ultimately an interrupt that causes the CPU to execute the code that loads the webpage?

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Not ultimately, the very moment you press a key or move the mouse, the input device generates an interrupt that the CPU services in a dedicated interrupt handler routine, where it reads the data off the device (the key code or the moved distance). And this has nothing to do with the browser per se.

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