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I was wondering if it is considered bad practice to have multiple classes in one .cpp file. I have a background in Objective-C, where this is rarely done.

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It makes for less readable code because you usually expect a class's definition to be in the header with the same name and the implementation in an implementation file with the same name.

There are cases in practice where a class is relatively small and closely-related small classes can be grouped together, but it's on a case-by-case basis.

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As the other answer points out, it makes for less readable code.

It is important to also consider the scope of a nested class:

A nested class is declared within the scope of another class. The name of a nested class is local to its enclosing class. Unless you use explicit pointers, references, or object names, declarations in a nested class can only use visible constructs, including type names, static members, and enumerators from the enclosing class and global variables.


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