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I saw one can mock a HTTP request

What is the best practice?

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That wiki article shows one way to unit tests Lift application, but it depends on specs1, you can still use part of it with specs2, but the nicer withSFor , etc calls don;t work.

There is a version for specs2 here.

And there is a version that will be part of Lift itself coming soon.

From the gist I posted, see towards the end how there is an example of how to test a REST endpoint.

[Update] And I tend to move my logic out of the REST object as much as possible, so I can write a lot of unit tests against simple objects, where I pass the info they expect.

Things like validation go into those separate objects.

And my favorite tools for testing are specs2 and scalacheck

Hope that help.

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thanks I will fork that for scalatest :-) –  Guillaume Massé Sep 4 '12 at 14:05

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