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Im using a tab to display a version of my website within facebook.

Ive seen numerous how-to tutorials, on how to set up tabs, and how to resize canvas windows. But.. is there a way to shrink my site that appears in a canvas.

Eg. at the moment my site displays on a canvas page and I have to scroll left and right as its to wide for the maximum 760px canvas size.

I really dont want to have to re-write my html/css. Too many fixed width elements etc.

Is there any way I can get facebook to display a shrunk version of my site, to avoid the annoying scrolling?

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I really dont want to have to re-write my html/css.

But you should – not your HTML, but your CSS.

Otherwise, if you’re just looking for a “lazy solution” here, you could only try to make the browser shrink the whole content of the html or body element, by using zoom or CSS3 tranforms on it – but the result will most likely look quite horrible.

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I dont want my sight to change when viewed directly in a browser. Is there a way to trigger a media query ONLY when the website is being viewed through a facebook tab/canvas? –  Ed Wright Sep 5 '12 at 4:53
Easiest way would be to add a GET parameter to the URL you use as your canvas URL – with that parameter set, add some style sheet rules (or just makes them applicable, by f.e. giving the HTML element an additional class); and without it, render the page in the “normal” way. –  CBroe Sep 5 '12 at 10:08

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