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Is there a way in android in which I can build a user interface from images? Suppose i have the attached image. In this image we can see that there are two buttons. How can i exactly place android button element on those position? I want it to build some complex structured guis. almost all the buttons have their background images and their alignment is not so simple.

i want to create a gui from this image in android by drag and drop or by other means . i tried many ways but can not perfectly map the gui from the image . in the device or emulator it gets deflected . like button slightly move away from the image . so how can i perfectly do in android?

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1) are you making an app? 2) what language are you using? 3) what image are you talking about? 4) do you have basic programming knowledge? –  Shea Sep 3 '12 at 21:45

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If I have understood correctly your question, you have one image showing an interface model and you want to use it to build a layout from it, so from I know of interface building in Android you must define it in some ways, graphically, from xml or programmatically from code.

I think there is no way to build a layout directly using an image without more. The only way to build a user interface that match exactly the model of ui from your image is knowing dimensions and distances from de model and setting the correspondent values in the layout definition.

I have no notice of your idea of drag and drop method of build a layout from an image directly, obviously it could be a good idea I think : )

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