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I have a Java project that essentially is made up of three main parts:

  1. A web server application using the Google App Engine -> war ( *fs_primeranks_server* )
  2. A client application for the desktop -> JAR (*fs_proxy*)
  3. An Android app that connects to the web server. (*fs_replay*)
  4. A bonus module containing common jar class library containing the common data object representation. (*fs_data*)

I started out with creating the project in InteliJ IDEA. I got to the current point and then made the change to maven. However, making the change the server component is no longer running. It compiles, but throws a Class Not Found exception. As previously with the InteliJ IDEA project files everything was running fine I am quite sure my problems are with how my maven files are set up. Nevertheless, after hours of research and looking I'm still unable to correct it. So any ideas?

The project files hosted on github..

The output of the Maven build process, plus the gae:run command (with the exception). (the warning starts like:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.primeranks.fs_server.GuiceConfigFsPrimeranksServer)

Image of the file structure after build. Jar files and class files seem okay.


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Okay, bad web configuration file. The path for the startup class was wrong, hence the class not found exception. :(

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