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The following code:

describe Task do
  let(:task) { }
  subject { task }
  before(:each) do
    p task.errors.full_messages
  it { should have(1).error_on(:title) }
  it { should have(1).error_on(:description) }

outputs: ["Title can't be blank", "Title can't be blank", "Title can't be blank"] and I can't figure out any specific reason this would happen but the way I experiencing things is that let and subject don't work very well lol

Even the following code produces the same errors:

  it "should have 1 error on title" do have(1).error_on(:title)

  it "should have 1 error on description" do have(1).error_on(:description)
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The root of this issue was that some other spec was failing. When I got those specs passing this one did too. Very interesting.

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