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I have a click function that I use to show or hide a 'icon (vert-flag)' when an image one is viewing in an image gallery is selected as a favorite by clicking an icon (.fav) under the image. The icon changes to indicate it is selected and the favorite (vert-flag) is shown. This works well but I am also trying to set the same favorite setting on a corresponding thumbnail image in a separate mirrored gallery at the same time and show the icon (vert-flag) there as well. My problem is figuring out how to traverse to the second gallery and mark that thumbnail at the same time.

Show-hide Click function to:

$(".fav").live('click', function() {

$(".sticky").live('click', function() {

The html for the main image to select as a favorite:

<div id="book">
    <div class="selectFav" >
        <span class="vert-flag icon-heart icon-large" style="display:none;"></span>
        <a href="slides/Wall.jpg"  title="Wall"><img  src="thumbs/Wall.jpg" alt="Wall" title="Wall"/></a>
         <div class="titles">
             <i class="fav icon-heart-empty"></i>

html for the corresponding thumbnail:

<div id="slider">
    <div class="item">Wall<br>
        <a href="#" title="Wall">
            <img src="thumbs/Wall.jpg"  alt="Wall" data-page="38" />
        <span class="vert-flag icon-heart icon-large" style="display:none;"></span>

I have tried a few different things but I am not experienced enough to understand how to traverse the dom to effect the thumbnail image. I have tried something like this in the click function with no luck.

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What 'button' are you clicking? –  David Thomas Sep 3 '12 at 22:15
Sorry, I edited it. It is an icon, not a button. Here is a demo. You can click on the "heart" icon to toggle the favorites and the separate thumbnail gallery is shown when you click the index icon. macosxsupport.com/notebook –  Macsupport Sep 3 '12 at 22:23
So it's the i element, then? And, for demos, please use JS Fiddle, JS Bin, or similar. That way we can see all the code in action and edit it to make it work. –  David Thomas Sep 3 '12 at 22:36
It is really just the element with the class .fav or .sticky which in this case is an i element. Sorry about the link, just a bit to complex to put in a jsfiddle easily. I'll work on it. –  Macsupport Sep 3 '12 at 22:46

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