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I have some method

public ActionResult ExportToCSV(CellSeparators cellSeparator)

public enum CellSeparators

How we can refer to that method correctly in html?

@Html.ActionLink("Exportar al CSV", "ExportToCSV", new { ?? })

Thank you!

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@Html.ActionLink("Exportar al CSV", "ExportToCSV", new { cellSeparator=(int)CellSeparators.Semicolon })


public ActionResult ExportToCSV(int cellSeparator)
  CellSeparator separator = (CellSeparator)cellSeparator;

Is not elegant, but is usefull

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Thank you! Your approach is working. –  Clark Kent Sep 3 '12 at 23:37
Also RouteValueDictionary stackoverflow.com/questions/3976371/… –  Junior Mayhe Jan 17 '13 at 16:43

Into your View.cshtml:

@Html.ActionLink("Exportar al CSV", "ExportToCSV", new { cellSeparator=CellSeparators.Semicolon })

Into your Controller:

public ActionResult ExportToCSV(CellSeparators? cellSeparator)
    CellSeparator separator = cellSeparator.Value;

  /* ... */
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