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Do you have any multidimensional arrays tasks. I need some to practice. Thank you for sharing.

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My teacher used in some cases multidimensional array in dynamic programming. To store the temporary result it needs an array. It is a characteristic of the problem: the grade? and that requires the same level of multidimensional array. For eg if grade is 3 than you need to bypass an int[][][] to a resoveProblem() function.

If I would be teacher ever... I would search for a dynamic programming needed task and I would present the solution with multi array. Hopefully the students will realize the execution speed difference and will solve, exercise the matrices problems too.

Task2: you can invent a text why is needed to be stored the data in 1 dimension of array, for eg need to save data to file, than a bit imagination why need 2 dimensional array to use the loaded data in a virtual chessboard. Than they must do the 1 dimension to 2 dimension conversion

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multiply matrices

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I got that one, add or multiply but can't figure out anything better. –  Yoda Sep 3 '12 at 23:21
I am sorry it is not helpfully, but only this requires truly multidimensional. It is not mentioned to not be matrix opetations –  user529543 Sep 3 '12 at 23:22

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