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this is driving me nuts. My SVN repo is working fine, I was able to checkout everything and view revisions in Xcode's organiser.

It is only when I go to commit the changes that i hit this ridiculous problem:

enter image description here

After a lot of research I found the only people getting this problem were those who didn't realise that there is a separate password for google code than your google account password. My password is correct.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks a lot

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Does it work from the terminal? cd to the directory of the project and try to commit. – apple16 Sep 4 '12 at 1:45

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As it turns out, this is due to some bug in Xcode I think. What you have to do to get around it is:

  • Firstly set up your repository in Organiser
  • Open the project in Xcode and make a change
  • Try to commit this change in Xcode. You will get the error above
  • Now commit the change to your repository using the svn command in the terminal
  • Now make another change and commit it using Xcode. It will work
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