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Hello I have 2 SATA hard drive. one of the sata hd removed from old computer so it has the window 7 installed on it. The second sata hd has already been installed on the new computer so it has its own window 7 as well. Now I wanted to put the old sata hd to the new one computer so i can use both of the hard drives.

When I started up the computer i can see the window loading screen and suddenly blue screen appeared then it went to a screen where i can select to run the window normally or fixed the problem. If I select the window normally, it will repeat the same problem. Selecting the fixed problem option it loads a window screen trying to repair the problem but it didn't fix the issue.

What should i do to use both hard drive.

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The short answer is not possible without removing one drive's data. You cannot dual boot two Windows by putting two SATA drives together.

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Thank ur replied.. –  Simon Sep 4 '12 at 1:10

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