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I need to obtain (as a String) the type signatures of certain Java types.

For example, this is the type signature of certain ParameterizedType:


I need this in the context of an application being developed with Javassist.

To explain better what I am looking for, I show an extract of a method createGetter that uses Javassist to generate a getter method for a private field. The type of the field is a parameterized type (i.e., it uses generics).

The createGetter method receives as a first parameter the type of the field, the second parameter is the name of the field, and the third is the class where the method should be added:

public CtMethod createGetter(Type propertyType, String propertyName, CtClass ctDeclaringClass) {
    CtMethod ctGetterMethod = ...

    if(propertyType instanceof ParameterizedType //parameterized "single" type
      || propertyType instanceof GenericArrayType) { //parameterized array
        String signature = asGenericSignature(propertyType); //MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE !
    return ctGetterMethod;

For example, if I have a class

public class TestClass{
  private MyClass<String> myField;

Then after calling the createGetter method for the field myField, the class becomes:

public class TestClass{
  private MyClass<String> myField;

  public MyClass<String> getMyField() {
    return MyClass<String> myField;

The return type of the generated getter method should have the same generic signature as the field (the code could compile without the method having the same generic signature of the field since having just the same class is fine for the compiler. The reasons I need it to have the same type generic signature are not explained here).

The code of the createGetter method illustrates that with Javassist, in order to set the generic type signature of a method, I need first to obtain such a type signature as a String (if there is another way please someone tell me). I know the exact parameterized type the getter method should have since it is exactly the same than the field. But I have such type as an instance of ParameterizedType.

My question is: how can I obtain these type signatures as strings (including type parameters data) given any arbitrary Java Type ?.

Thanks for any help.

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Eclipse internally uses descriptors/signatures for Java Source Code. These also include Generic information, which might be useful for you. The Interface IMethod might be a good starting point for investigation.

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