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I'm trying to create my own simple and small (observer) MVC example and trying to use IIFE to create privacy for my model and controller. As the controller requires the model object when it is invoked I'm not convinced about this approach.

I've created a working Fiddle showing what I'm trying to do, but there is a dependency on the Model being invoked first in this case. I would like to have the Controller and Model in different files for easier management but don't know if I can do this due to this dependency.

Is there a way around this or a better solution for this type of thing?

Working example

(code extract)

var CalcController = (function (model) {
    console.log('CalcController created');
    var controller = {};
    _model = model;

    controller.changeModel = function(){
        console.log('CalcController changeModel()'); 

    controller.init = function(){
    return controller;

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Just declare dependencies and then make a file loader. The AMD specification might be useful. –  Waleed Khan Sep 4 '12 at 1:23
Thanks, this looks like what I need –  danjp Sep 4 '12 at 1:56

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